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Koala Supporters

Dr Mark Robinson MP

State Member for Cleveland

"My personal interest in koalas grew as a Science student at James Cook University in the 1980's, where I studied Marine Biology and Zoology.

As a local Member of Parliament since 2009, I have had the opportunity to be involved in several koala rescues -- helping to save individual koalas from being hit by cars, attacked by dogs or to receive medical treatment for the disease chlamydia.

The decline of the koala has accelerated in recent years and has been well documented by local koala and wildlife groups. While saving our koalas is a whole of community responsibility, it is also incumbent upon the three levels of Government to do more to try to halt the decline in numbers."

 Deborah Tabart
Deborah Tabart OAM
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Koala Foundation

  "There is no time to waste. Glimpsing a wild koala in its natural habitat may be a thing of the past in a few short years – a memory treasured by older generations, an experience unattainable to younger generations.

The heartbreaking decline of the koala population in recent years indicates to me that if the State and Federal Governments continue to ignore the calamitous situation the koala will be extinct within a couple of years.

We as a nation must send a strong message to our government ministers that the loss of our national icon is unacceptable. We must act now. Visit
www.savethekoala.com to find out how you can help."
Australian Wildlife Hospital
"The South-East Queensland koala population is suffering dramatic decline as a result of habitat loss and disease. The Australian Wildlife Hospital is a leading collaborator on projects with others who are investigating koala diseases to help save our national icon. We can choose to do nothing, or we, as a nation, can come together and help save the koala. We need every Australian to help contribute."
 Baz Bardoe
Baz Bardoe
Musician/Environmental Project Manager
"Koalas are not just cute, they are iconic, and symbolic of so much that we know and love of this land. You can be sure that when their numbers dwindle it is a sign that we are facing an ecological catastrophe – even if we are not able to fully recognise the early warning signs just yet. Don't leave it too late!"

Peter Ludlow


"For twenty years I have been writing about Moreton Bay’s history as seen through the eyes of its ‘locals’. In part, my aim was to preserve, in print at least, Moreton Bay as it once was, because the Bay, like everywhere else, is changing rapidly. Koalas, too, are ‘locals’, but are not able to recount for us the ‘good old days’. They need people like Dianne and YOU to speak on their behalf. I hope in the years to come that I will never have to write of Moreton Bay’s Koalas as a vanished species. We need to act, while there is still time."

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