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Report: Marine-Care
Report: Wello Pt Clean Up
Marine-Care is a community group that strives to protect the foreshore, marine life and waterways of Moreton Bay.

The aim of this group is to reduce the amount of litter and to raise awareness to the many issues that plague our waterways.

Aquatic animals, such as turtles, can become sick if they digest floating bits of plastic and shorebirds can die if they become entangled in abandoned fishing line.
Filthy beaches and polluted waterways are unpleasant for residents and visitors to South East Queensland.

Maintaining healthy waterways will help ensure the survival of many species.

Many aquatic animals, such as dugongs, fish, prawns and turtles, rely on an abundance of seagrass for food and shelter. Their survival relies on retaining healthy seagrass fields that are pollutant free.

The health of our birds, marine animals and seagrass is under constant threat from litter, human activity and natural occurrences. Monitoring and cleaning waterways and foreshores, and reporting observations, helps to preserve our wildlife and environment.

Marine-Care is a positive, fun, friendly and proactive group. By working together we can create a healthy ecosystem and a clean coastline for all to enjoy.

* Volunteers must first register prior commencing activities with this group.


  • Collecting rubbish from beaches within Redland City;
  • Participants will be using water monitors to check water quality parameters;
  • Monitoring the health of seagrass and mangroves;
  • Weed removal from coastal wetlands and saltmarshes;
  • Tree planting;
  • Reporting sick and injured birds and marine life;
  • Making recommendations to Councillors.
Volunteers are asked to wear surf shoes, boots or old track shoes. A hat, sunscreen, gloves, an old towel and a water bottle is also recommended.

For further information please feel free to send me an

Climate Change:

To offset climate change, I encourage Marine-Care volunteers to assist with tree planting activities, carpool to events, and reuse/recycle material wherever possible.

Tips to combat climate change.

Benefits of planting native trees

  1. Help reduce greenhouse gases;
  2. Improve air quality;Reduce water pollution and soil erosion;
  3. Provide habitat for wildlife;
  4. Reduce energy needs by providing shade in summer.

Joshua Miller and Samuel Miller checking out the monitoring equipment..

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