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Report: Marine-Care
Report: Wello Pt Clean Up
Report: Wello Pt Clean Up

Marine-Care’s Clean Up Australia Day event at Wellington Point Reserve

A fine day with a slight breeze created perfect weather conditions for Marine-Care’s Clean Up Australia Day event at Wellington Point.

On Sunday, 4 March 2012, twenty-five volunteers met at the large shelter shed in the middle of the Wellington Point Reserve. Volunteers split up into groups and proceeded to clean the reserve, foreshore, mangroves and seagrass meadows. A group of energetic volunteers even walked out to King Island and came back with bags bursting with trash.

Jo Briskey (ALP) and Mark Robinson (LNP) sponsored Marine-Care’s Clean Up Australia Day event and their team members eagerly cleaned up the reserve. Both Jo Briskey and Mark Robinson generously donated funds to this event.

I would personally like to thank Mark Robinson MP for his continued support. Over the years, Mark has supported my environmental work, assisted with Marine-Care events, opened environmental forums, attended last year’s Clean-Up Australia Day event at Tarradarrapin Wetlands and even became a member of Moreton Bay Coastcare and Marine-Care. Mark Robinson is a shining example of a politician who practices what he preaches when it comes to the environment.

The volunteers deserve a big round of applause. Without their help, this clean-up day would not have been the success that it was. Within a three hour period they managed to fill an empty skip. The amount of trash at the Wellington Point Reserve was alarming, so much so that we ran out of official Clean Up Australia Day bags and had to use large non-official bags that could hold a maximum of 40kg weight.

The enthusiasm of the volunteers, and level of response from the general public, was truly amazing. Volunteers worked together as a team and succeeded in creating a cleaner environment. Wellington Point Reserve is once again that shining gem and a showcase to residents and visitors alike.

A big thank-you to all those who helped clean up the Wellington Point Reserve – you are all marvelous and a credit to the Redlands and the environment! Well done all.




Breakdown of waste within skip

17 bags full of non-recyclable waste

15 bags full of recyclable waste

1 Tyre

2 Old chairs

4 Large pieces of cardboard

1 Metal rubbish bin lid

1 metal object

1 cushion

Waste found at the Wellington Point Reserve

Glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bags, takeaway food containers, shoes, clothing, fishing line, cigarette butts, wire, rope, broken toys, cardboard, paper, cushion, rubbish bin lid, metal objects, corrugated iron, fibro sheeting and an old washing machine.

Waste that requires attention from Redland City Council

Fibro sheeting was located on the far eastern side of the Wellington Point Reserve. However, I advised the volunteers not to touch or remove sheeting as it may contain asbestos. I ask that Redland City Council investigate this matter.

Sheets of corrugated iron were also found on the far eastern side of the Wellington Point Reserve.

Old washing machine is located on the eastern side of the Wellington Point Reserve, near the mangroves.

The condition of the Wellington Point Reserve, in some areas, was poor. A large amount of rubbish was found at the far eastern and far western side of the Reserve, on King Island and near the jetty. Cigarette butts, fishing line and plastic bottles were found on and near the jetty, while an old tyre, cushion, plastic bags, bottles, fishing line, fibro sheeting, and corrugated iron was found on the Eastern side. Cardboard, clothing, plastic bottles, bags and an old washing machine polluted the area near the mangroves on the western side of the reserve. Drink bottles, plastic bags and cigarette butts littered the shelter sheds, paths and grassy areas, and plastic bags, fishing line and drink bottles were found on and near the rocks near the swimming area and on King Island.

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