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Springbrook National Park
Springbrook National Park
Springbrook National Park: Twin Falls Circuit

More than twenty kilometres of narrow, winding road -- that comprises of one lane bridges and hairpin bends -- separates the noise of suburbia from the serenity of nature.

Majestic trees and the chill of the mountain air greet visitors to Springbrook National Park [
map]. The breathtaking scenery has a way of detoxifying the soul from the stresses of urban living.

Springbrook National Park has several great walks, one of which is Twin Falls Circuit. This 4km circuit takes visitors past a number of impressive caves and boulders, many of which are covered with lichens, ferns and native orchids.

Lamington Spiny Blue CrayfishThe track descends to the rock pool at the base of the Twin Falls where visitors can walk behind the waterfall, near a volcanic glass cliff face. The rock pool is home to eels and the Lamington Spiny Blue Crayfish.

Vegetation varies throughout this walk. The circuit contains areas of open heath lands, eucalypt forests and lush rainforest. Birds such as the Eastern whipbird, the Green catbird, King parrots, Owls and the Albert lyrebird can be heard and sometimes seen. This walk is a must for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

The Canyon Lookout, towards the end of the walk, offers spectacular views of the mountains, tree tops and the twinkling lights of the Gold Coast, and visitors who complete the walk upon sunset can watch the gentle wave of fog roll in over the mountains. Walking in a whitewashed world is an eerie but serene feeling.

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